1. Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad District Branch Blood Centre:

• NABH accredited since September 2014.

• We have been designated as Regional Blood Transfusion Centre by Government of Gujarat.

• State of art blood centre having fully automated equipments and Nucleic acid testing facility and can supply safest blood available in world to people.

• On centennial celebration Indian Red Cross Society, National Headquarters awarded us ‘The Best Blood Centre Award 2019-2020’ amongst all Red Cross run blood centres in India.

• Dedicated staff, working for 24x7 to provide services to society.

• Blood units are given free to Thalassemia and poor needy patients.

• The only blood centre who has its official mascot ‘Sherdil’ and theme song of blood donation.

• Proud to have 116 centurion blood donors in Ahmedabad Red Cross Centurion Blood Donors’ Club and more than 1000 plasma donors in Ahmedabad Red Cross Plasma Donors’ Club.

• We have a voluntary blood donor base of more the 500000 blood donors.

• We are first in India to get AABB certificate in quality by American Association of Blood Bank.

2.Thalassemia Care, Awareness and Prevention Programme:

• We have more than 1150 thalassemia patients registered with us.

• We provide iron chelation tablets and blood free of cost.

• Thalassemia children receive transfusion at Champaben Chudgar blood transfusion centre.

3.Hospital Social Visit:

• Distribution of fruits, vegetables and medicines to the needy patients by senior female social workers.

4.Awareness of Body, Organ and Eye Donation:

• To create awareness of body, organ and eye donation in people.

5.Disaster Management:

• Mitigation of Disaster at the time of need.

• During COVID-19 pandemic, Rashan kit distribution was done to daily wagers to help them during lockdown.

6.Marrow Donor Registry:

• Blood donors are educated about marrow donation procedure who has already donated blood more than 5 times and register them as marrow donor for marrow donation.